Photovoltaic Carports

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More than 10 years of experience in engineering, applying synergy of several technical areas together with new technologies to guarantee the success of our customers.

Atreydes Engineering supplies carports for parking lots adapted for the installation of photovoltaic panels on their roof. These structures are designed and calculated to comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE), the Structural Code (CE) and the Seismic Resistant Construction Standard NCSE-02, a necessary condition for the building permit and legalization of the photovoltaic installation.

Structure takes into account wind loads, snow, seismic actions and overloads (designed for the weight of operators on the roof for the photovoltaic installation) throughout the Spanish national territory. Since its calculation is based on the CTE, it can be quickly extrapolated to fulfill the Eurocodes for its installation in the European countries adhered to these standards.

Our experience of more than 10 years in the calculation of structures and photovoltaic systems has led us to the design and manufacture of structures for the solar sector that are adapted to the times and mechanics of work in this field.

Photovoltaic carports of Atreydes Engineering are composed of lightweight elements that can be assembled by operators without the need for heavy lifting machines. They do not require braces to prevent the structure from tilting during assembly and allow access to the roof for the installation of photovoltaic panels together with their wiring and connections.

Its design, in open galvanized steel profiles, allows it to be the most economical on the market that fulfills the load requirements of the current structural regulations.


Atreydes Engineering offers 4 configurations to suit the shape of the installation site.

Single-row parking carport designed for north-facing site boundaries
Single-row parking carport designed for south-facing site boundaries
Carport for south-facing double-row parking lots
Carport for east-west double-row parking lots


Photovoltaic carports of Atreydes Engineering have been dimensioned for the whole national territory for average wind speeds of 26, 27 and 29m/s according to the Technical Building Code (CTE) in urban areas. Accepts up to 29m/s in conformity with Eurocode for the European territory.

Mapa viento
Wind speed map (CTE)

Atreydes Engineering designs its carports for a snow load of 0.6kN/m². Since the snow load depends on the site height with respect to sea level, locations exceeding this load should be consulted for modification, in the case. This snow load can be extrapolated to European countries whose building regulations are subject to the Eurocodes.

Mapa nieve
Snow zone map (CTE)

Photovoltaic carports of Atreydes Engineering are designed against the highest basic acceleration of 0.23m/s that occurs in the national territory (province of Granada) according to the Seismic Resistant Construction Regulation NCSE-02, so that they can be installed without modifications in any location in Spain.

Peligrosidad sismica
Seismic hazard (NCSE-02)

Photovoltaic system instalation

In addition to the supply of the canopies, Atreydes Engineering put the customer in contact with reference companies for the assembly, installation and legalization of the photovoltaic equipment that make up the solar energy production systems that cover the roofs.