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3D Scanning

3D scanning is the process of analyzing a real-world object or environment to collect their shape, appearance, and color data. This data is used to create 3D models through an operation called digitalization.
Once the piece is digitalized, the possibilities are huge. By means of CAE and CFD software, Atreydes studies their performances under different load configurations and materials, modifying the geometry to optimize the project requirements, reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Scan Accuracy: 0.045mm
  • Scan Speed: 10 frames/s
  • Scan range: ~3 meters
  • Texture Scan: Yes
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Scanned Casing

3D Scanning Applications

Digitalization solutions represent a way to conserve unique tree-dimensional pieces of art as a 3D back-up copy, so sculptures can be repaired or duplicated exactly like they were before in case of disaster. Furthermore, 3D files can constitute a guideline for repairments and maintenance.
3D scanning, 3D printing as well as digital emerging technologies start to be methods to spread unique pieces of art to more people, letting know new sculptors and expanding their business through various ways of digital advertising.

Metrology is a technique which compares a point cloud obtained from the scan of a part to be measured with the original CAD model used to manufacture it. The superposition of both digital models will mark the deviations between the manufactured and scanned part with respect to its perfect CAD model. This reduces part checking times and digitizes the quality control process, so that an external machine is not needed to measure the part, simplifying the process.
Metrología 2
Reverse engineering is a process to acquire information about a particular design in order to understand its properties, main parameters and manufacturing process which define it.

Atreydes digitalizes mechanical components with 3D scanners and analyzes, with specific software, the ways to optimize them under the customers’ requirements. One of these applications is the replication of old complex-geometry pieces without drawings or 3d files by means of 3D scanning. This way, the element can be manufactured as often as necessary.

Ciclo 3D-2
Digitalization cycle

Our Added Value

Our high added value offers the best solution for our customers, combining different technical areas, computer applications and technologies to optimize their final products.
3D printing is the technology which complements 3D scanning, bringing to reality the digital models inside a computer software. Traditionally, small pieces for machine have been manufactured with metal materials like steel or aluminum. Now, Atreydes studies the possibilities to change pieces to technical plastics which fulfill the design requirements, reducing material costs and manufacturing process times.