Industrial Machines

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More than 10 years of experience in engineering, applying synergy of several technical areas together with new technologies to guarantee the success of our customers.

Industrial Machines

In Atreydes, we design all kind of machine and advise our customers on covering every cycle life stages of their product.
We offer you the best solution thanks to our experience in mechanical components for industrial machines such as electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as electric and hydraulic motors, linear actuators, gear transmission, chains and wires, mechanical guides, and bearing of any size and type.
Documentation drafting concerning your product as technical/economic feasibility studies, calculation reports and CE certifications.
Life Cycle-2
Machine life cycle

Main Machine Systems

An industrial machine is a complex system which integrates components from different technical areas. We can divide them into structure, drive system and control system.
It is normally made in steel or aluminum and supports the machine assembly and external forces
Drive System
This group of actuators moves the machine and performs the main functionality of the unit
Control System
It governs the drive system with a PLC, the most of times, where the sentences of control are programmed for functionality and safety

Our Added Value

Our high added value offers the best solution for our customers, combining different technical areas, computer applications and technologies to optimize their final products.
Computer Aided Engineering simulations determine structural performances of machine components with complex geometries by means of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Control system design is one of the main parts of an industrial machine. Sensors and actuators have to be defined for effective functioning and safety as well as PLC programming
3D Scanning reduces design time in components which are already manufactured. It is very useful for old elements which do not have a tree-dimensional file and need to be taken into account in modern machine adaptations.
3D Printing provides a means to visualize smaller-scale prototype at a low cost, consequently, a better idea of machines is materialized in order to check any clash of pieces and make decisions in complex geometries.